To be or not to be, that is the question.” I won´t attempt to answer the greatest opening of any soliloquy, but if Hamlet had asked if he wants to be bee, then certainly the answer would be a resounding Yes! That way he would be making honey instead of contemplating suicide. Bees are one of … More Bees

Medieval Art

Some months back, when I wrote the article on praying Mantis, I made a promise that my upcoming article would be about medieval paintings. Alas, I failed because, the next piece was “The Bus Fare”. However, I didn’t feel anything from inside, due to my failure to keep this promise. Perhaps this is a good … More Medieval Art

The Bus Fare 

The sun is burning very brightly today, not like yesterday. But it is not the heat from the sun that is making me cry, neither is it because of the fact that I have to wash my teachers clothes tonight. Rather, I am crying because I misplaced some money, my entire money. I don’t think … More The Bus Fare 

Ben the Dolphin

Have you ever wondered how dolphins breathe? Well, Yes, we all learnt that fishes have gills which they use in taking-in the oxygen from the water for their respiration. But those are the regular fish, not marine mammals. Whale and Dolphins are mammals, and by definition, they can’t breathe in water. This means just like humans, … More Ben the Dolphin

A flower that once blossomed; The Bornu Empire from the lenses of the Ottoman Empire

It’s been a long while, as well it should. The past months have been studiously monotonous. Concluding my thesis and finalizing on a school for my doctorate appeared to be much more difficult than I thought, clash of interest, inherent laziness, fruitless day and sleepless nights – not only sleepless from studying but recently from … More A flower that once blossomed; The Bornu Empire from the lenses of the Ottoman Empire

Humanity washed Ashore… Kiyiya Vuran Insanlik

An apprehension off the shores of İzmir … KiyiyaVuranInsanlik I was recently on a sojourn in İzmir, a vibrant city on the western extremity of Anatolia. The city being the third most populous city in Turkey, shrouds on a collective feel of humanity, decorated with beautiful attractions such as historic sites, archaeology museums and beautiful … More Humanity washed Ashore… Kiyiya Vuran Insanlik