The Bus Fare 

The sun is burning very brightly today, not like yesterday. But it is not the heat from the sun that is making me cry, neither is it because of the fact that I have to wash my teachers clothes tonight. Rather, I am crying because I misplaced some money, my entire money. I don’t think … More The Bus Fare 

Humanity washed Ashore… Kiyiya Vuran Insanlik

An apprehension off the shores of İzmir … KiyiyaVuranInsanlik I was recently on a sojourn in İzmir, a vibrant city on the western extremity of Anatolia. The city being the third most populous city in Turkey, shrouds on a collective feel of humanity, decorated with beautiful attractions such as historic sites, archaeology museums and beautiful … More Humanity washed Ashore… Kiyiya Vuran Insanlik